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Walking and cycling

The park environment is best discovered on foot or on a bike. Find the nicest locations and walk/cycle through beautiful little villages or towns.

De Vooroever recreation park

Right opposite the park, you will find De Vooroever Vlietsingel recreation park. Here, you can laze in the sun, gaze out over the water at the many yachts and dinghies or quietly sit and fish. The extensive Vooroever area gives your the IJsselmeer at its best. Vooroever Vlietsingel is not far from Medemblik. Where watersport is the top priority! And rightly so, when you have the Regatta Center just around the corner. You can also walk, cycle or swim to your heart's content.

In 2011, the Vooroever Vlietsingel was expanded to cover around 50 hectares. The options for recreation on the water and beach were also extended. The area encompasses green meadows, trees and shrubs and a beautiful sandy beach. There is a nature reserve with a reed and rush area and also a bird-island. You may walk and cycle on the designated paths.


Dogs must be kept on leads Outside breeding season, your dog may be let off its lead in the designated areas. Dogs are prohibited on and near the beaches.